2.7 million BAM to be allocated for co-financing of Tourism Development

July 22, 2017 8:30 AM

The Government of the FBiH adopted a decision on 2.7 million BAM worth budget transfers, which are intended for co-financing of the development of tourism and will be distributed through six different programs.

Minister of Environment and Tourism of the FBiH Edita Djapo stated that the co-financing of tourism development is one of the ways to enrich and improve tourist offer and promotion, and to approach contemporary trends in the sector of tourism.

The approved funds will be distributed to six different programs, and one of them is related to co-financing of the development of sports-recreational and adventure tourism. Djapo stated that these types of tourism are among the fastest growing branches of tourism, according to reports from the World Tourism Organization and the UN.

The special program is related to co-financing of the support for travel agencies that are bringing tourists to BiH and promoting resources and tourist destinations in the territory of FBiH.

“Also, we have the financing of a project on improvement of tourism and touristic infrastructure and competitiveness,” said Minister Djapo, adding that the professional development of the staff is also planner through a special program.

Among the programs with special importance for the development of tourism is the support to the projects within Via Dinarica, then the project of a promenade in the Municipality of Neum, “BH-Bivak” and the Fair of Tourism that will be held in Skenderija in October.

(Source: akta.ba)


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