Drina River overflowed its Banks in Gorazde

Yesterday, the Drina River overflowed its banks in many parts of the town of Gorazde, but there was no major material damage. Today, the water level is slightly declining and according to measurements at the hydrological station in Gorazde at 12 o’clock it was 209.96 cm.

Assistant Mayor for Civil Protection and Local Communities Samira Drakovac, emphasizes that the increase in the water level of the Drina and other watercourses in the area of ​​the town of Gorazde was caused by precipitation, melting snow, as well as the discharge of water from Hydro Power Plant Mratinje.

”The situation was quite uncertain but fortunately there was no major damage to material facilities nor were human lives endangered. The river Drina was at the level that for Goražde means regular flood defense, at the level of 275 cm. All units of the Central Command were in a state of readiness and we coordinated in the field in order to protect the endangered objects or movables in them, and this morning we visited all endangered areas in order to see the situation on the spot,” explains Drakovac.

He emphasizes that the river Drina overflowed its banks in the local communities of Osanica, Vranići, Sadba, Mravinjac, Zupčići, Goražde II and Goražde III, where there was flooding of land, roads and weekend facilities in the coastal area.

”The promenade of Mustafa Muratspahić in the center of the city was flooded yesterday, this morning the water receded, but we still believe that traffic in this part should be stopped and that it should not be used. Local communities on the banks of the Drina had higher risks and there was flooding of roads, picnic areas and agricultural land, but there is no major material damage,” she specified.

She added that after the floods that hit Goražde in December 2010, the fears of the citizens were somewhat justified.

”When it comes to regular flood defense as far as the city of Goražde is concerned, it is 280 cm and yesterday we were somewhere on that border and considering the experiences we had in 2010, this situation carried a feeling of cold, fear and uncertainty, because the water level is grew as we entered the night. However, in cooperation with KUCZ and other competent institutions, we will monitor the situation in the coming days, and meteorologists’ forecasts should delay a larger increase in water levels,” said the assistant mayor for civil protection and local communities of the City of Gorazde, Fena news agency writes.

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