Hundreds of Migrants still waiting in Buses for Solution where they will be accomodated

There is still no solution for the hundreds of migrants who spent the night in buses near the Lipa camp near Bihac. Nearly 700 migrants slept in 20 buses heading to the barracks at Bradina, a place in the north of Konjic municipality, but were soon stopped because there was no concrete plan for their relocation. As confirmed for Klix.ba by the Ministry of the Interior of the Una-Sana Canton, their police officers were on the ground all night and secured the location where the migrants spent the night, which passed without incident.

“During the day, we expect that this problem will be solved and that we will receive some more specific information, we are ready to leave, we are just waiting for approval,” the Una Sana Canton Ministry of the Interior told Klix.ba.

All the time since the Lipa camp was set on fire, it was not known where the migrants would be accommodated. They were originally supposed to be moved to the premises of the former Bira factory, but this was opposed by the citizens of Bihać and the local authorities. The same happened with the residents of Bradina who learned yesterday, as well as the authorities, that the migrants should be accommodated in the barracks located at that place.

They protested that it was unacceptable for a large number of migrants to be accommodated near their homes.

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