Plane that disappeared​ in the Area of Kozara approximately located

The ELT device sent the approximate location of the plane that disappeared yesterday in the area of ​​Kozara, but it is an inaccessible terrain that is difficult to reach , and due to the fog, access by helicopter is not possible.

The device that sends the signal in case of an accident was activated and thus gave an approximate location of the missing plane, and given the inaccessibility of the terrain, rescuers are trying to find it by drone, media from Republika Srpska writes.

Yesterday, at around 2:10 pm, a plane disappeared in the area of ​​Omarska near Prijedor, in which there were two people – a 31-year-old Romanian citizen and a 34-year-old Serbian citizen, Klix.ba writes.

They were transporting vaccines and medicines for animals in the plane of the Serbian operator “STS Aviation” from Belgrade. The search includes the RS Ministry of the Interior, ie members of the Prijedor Police Department, Bosanska Gradiška, units of the Prijedor and Bosanska Gradiška Gendarmerie, members of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit together with members of the Republic Civil Protection Administration, local hunters, citizens and mountaineers.

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