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Eighteen New Members joined Mountain Rescue Service

The Mountain Rescue Service (GSS) of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the area of ​​Blagaj and Stolac conducted a program of verification and examination for registered mountain rescuers.

After completing the summer and winter courses, first aid training and a large number of hours of practical exercises and gaining experience, 24 participants from Sarajevo, Mostar, Brcko, Jajce, Bihac and Zenica last weekend were given the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge needed for registered mountain rescuers.

Despite strong winds and challenging weather conditions, 18 candidates showed readiness and maturity for a lifeguard badge through several hours of theoretical examination and a written test on Saturday, and a practical rock rescue exercise on Sunday through 14 different test sites.

The commission consisted of 12 instructors and candidates for instructors who monitored the work and assessed the knowledge, skills and abilities of the candidates.

“Apart from a significant title, with the badge you take on a great responsibility and burden for rescuing and helping in conditions when other services cannot help,” they told the new rescuers from the FBiH GSS.

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