Incomplete Remains of Two Victims found near Srebrenica

Incomplete remains of two victims of the last war were exhumed on Wednesday on extremely inaccessible terrain in the locality of Miholjevina, Srebrenica municipality.

According to the BiH Institute for Missing Persons, these are the remains of a man and a woman, probably Bosniaks. It is assumed that these victims died in 1993 in Zanjevo, which is located in the municipality of Bratunac.

The exhumed remains were transferred to the Commemorative Center in Tuzla for criminal-technical and forensic-medical processing and bone marrow extraction in order to determine the identity of the victims using the DNA method.

The exhumation was managed by the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, and was carried out by order of the Court of BiH. Excavations in the field are continuing and two more exhumations are planned for tomorrow in the wider area of ​​Srebrenica, the Institute for Missing Persons of BiH announced.

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