Hundred Police Officers Coronavirus Positive in Canton Sarajevo

The Canton Sarajevo Ministry of the Interior and the Police Directorate carried out a good part of the burden together with the health workers and all those who have been on the front lines in the past eight months. “During the emergency situation that was a few months ago, we had one to two patients a day, then a few days no patients, while these days we have more patients a day than during the emergency situation. We can say that all those restrictive measures that were implemented on the ground and brought results. And then we mentioned that only collective discipline and self-discipline can help us to get out of this fight with as few losses as possible, “said Minister Ismir Jusko while presenting data on the work performed by the relevant ministry in the past period.

He stated that the Police Directorate carried out 71,606 visits to those who were in self-isolation, there were also those who violated self-isolation measures and those persons called “time virus bombs” who could transmit the virus to those who were healthy, Vijesti.ba news portal writes.

“With the measures of self-isolation and forced isolation in that period, we reduced the number of infected people on a daily basis from 139 to 1-2 patients. In this period, 153,998 registrations for motor vehicles, 13,904 passports, 18,032 ID cards, 16,194 driver’s licenses, 283,180 application forms were issued, 236 protective measures were imposed … “, Minister Jusko informed the public.

He pointed out that 330 people are currently missing in the Police Administration, that a large number of colleagues are on sick leave because they themselves have suffered from corona, some are in self-isolation, but at no time does the job suffer because of that.

According to Minister Jusko, there are currently 98 people infected with the coronavirus in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but no segment of the administration suffers because of that, Minister Jusko emphasized.

It is not in the interest of the Ministry of the Interior, the Police Directorate, or the Inspectorate to act repressively, said Jusko, but when the lives of our citizens and their health are at stake, that is for us in the first place.

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