Medicine against Coronavirus is sold in Bosnia and costs almost 300 BAM

Favipiravir is among the drugs used to treat coronavirus infections. Some claim that it has proven effective for this purpose. In the middle of this month, the infectologist of the Sarajevo General Hospital “Prof. Dr. Abdulah Nakas” Ednan Drljevic stated for Klix.ba that the Sarajevo Canton plans to buy this medicine.

He said it is already being used in Turkey to treat coronavirus infections, and has so far been used to treat the flu. The director of Apoteke Sarajevo, Nedim Hrelja, pointed out that the citizens asked them for Favipiravir. 

“The latest studies available and the last interview at the Crisis Staff on October 12 concluded that it would be good to provide certain amounts of this antiviral. The fact that it showed excellent results in the early stages of treatment. We succeeded based on the opinions of our experts to procure a certain amount of Favipiravir, but in small quantities in relation to the needs of the Sarajevo Canton “, he pointed out.

According to him, the Ministry of Health of Canton Sarajevo announced that it will procure this medicine. He hopes the procurement will be successful, but fears one possibility. “I am afraid, given that all countries are announcing a lockdown, that the countries that have Favipiravir, namely Japan, China and Turkey, will stop the export of the said preparation,” he emphasized.

Hrelja underlined that Pharmacies Sarajevo sells it with a doctor’s prescription and a recommendation from a specialist. He noted that its original purpose was to treat viruses. As he said, the retail price is 298 BAM for the entire treatment.

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