British Soldier is looking for a Boy from BiH to whom He gave Chocolate in 1995

The story of Duldina Kurtovic from Kladanj, who found a British soldier who gave her a teddy bear during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was very popular twenty years ago.

Since then, this girl from Kladanj has managed to help two more soldiers get in touch with the children from our country they met during the war.

These days, another British soldier called her looking for a boy from Igman.

”In 1993, I met the soldiers in Kladanj. I was found in 2000 by Peter Millns from England who remembered me from the war. Two years ago, another British soldier, Anthony Miller, called me to help him find the girl in the picture from Donji Vakuf. The story was successful, “Dnevni Avaz” helped me find the girl at the time,” says Kurtovic.

”Last night I was contacted by former British soldier Peter Moor who is looking for a boy from Igman. He told me that he had met him while the boy was tending the sheep on Igman. He then asked him for a cigarette, and he also gave him chocolate. He told me that he had a desire to see him and find out what happened to him,” said Kurtovic.

She added that the photos of the boy from Igman were taken during 1995, but that soldier Peter Moore cannot remember the name of the boy in the picture.

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