Sarajevo and Bursa have been Sister Cities for 41 Years

A delegation of the Turkish sister cities of Bursa, led by Mayor Alinur Aktas, is visiting Sarajevo, Avaz reports. The delegations of Sarajevo and Bursa held an official meeting on Saturday, after which the mayors of the two cities addressed the media. At the beginning of his address, the Mayor of Sarajevo, Abdulah Skaka, welcomed the Bursa delegation.

”This is just a continuation of a good cooperation between the City of Bursa and the City of Sarajevo. This is a continuation of good co-operation between Turkey and BiH. And, in the end, this is a continuation of good relations between the two nations,” said Skaka.

He mentioned that the city of Bursa is one of the oldest sister cities in Sarajevo, and that the two cities have been sister cities for 41 years.

”The city of Bursa is one of the largest donors when it comes to the renovation of old buildings in Sarajevo. Their biggest investment is in Stari Grad, especially in the area of Bascarsija. On the other hand, the city of Sarajevo built a replica of Sebilj fountain in Bursa. We had a number of activities when it comes to exchanging cultural and individuals and projects and programs. The days of the city of Sarajevo in Bursa and the days of the city of Bursa in Sarajevo were supposed to be organized in May and June, however, that did not happen due to the coronavirus pandemic,” Skaka pointed out.

He said that the city of Sarajevo will continue with international activities and that the administration of Sarajevo will continue to strengthen ties with sister cities, with a focus on cities in Turkey, especially with the city of Bursa.

(Photo: Anadolu news agency)

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