Komsic: If we want to avoid Taxes, it is important to show the will to recognize Kosovo

Commenting on the issue of recognition of the state of Kosovo, which was one of the main topics at yesterday’s session of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzgeovina, the member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zeljko Komsic reminded that there was no consensus on the recognition of Kosovo in the previous Presidency, Klix.ba reports.

“Now we have raised this issue and I do not think it is a bad move. Our friends from Kosovo felt that everyone in BiH is indifferent to it. Now, at least we who have shown for the state of BiH, that this is not the case sent a message to the people of Kosovo that we are interested in recognition, “Komsic said. As he says, “because of our earlier indifference to the recognition of Kosovo, Kosovo imposed taxes on us, treated us like Serbia, even those relations were even worse because Kosovo and Serbia are cooperating.”

“Now they know that most people and politicians in BiH have friends, despite Dodik’s position. About twenty days ago, the Kosovo ambassador to Croatia called me and thanked me for advocating for the recognition of Kosovo, fully aware of the fact that Dodik opposes it and will the final recognition of Kosovo by BiH is difficult to achieve at this time, “Komsic concluded.

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