Fines for not wearing a Mask in Canton Sarajevo go up to 1,500 BAM

The fine for not wearing masks in the Sarajevo Canton, both indoors and outdoors, will go up to 1,500 BAM, was confirmed today by Dzafer Hrvat, the head of the Canton Sarajevo Uniformed Police Sector.

He and a member of the Crisis Staff of the Sarajevo Canton, Alma Kadic, explained at a press conference the content of two orders issued by the Crisis Staff yesterday, concerning the wearing of masks in the open and limiting the number of people in one place.

Although it was announced that it would give an explanation of the orders today, nothing new was announced in relation to yesterday’s information published by the Government, Raport.ba reports.

The first order is that masks are mandatory in the open, and whether the orders are followed will be monitored by members of CS Ministry of the Interior. The second refers to the number of people in a certain space which has been reduced to 30 indoors and 60 outdoors.

“The order orders legal entities to provide sliding working hours in order to reduce congestion in public transport. Also, primary and secondary schools were ordered to organize work from 7.30 am to 9 am in order to relieve the burden on public transport. All legal entities and natural persons with more than 20 employees are ordered to urgently adopt a crisis preparedness plan which will harmonize the organization of work. The orders are in force from today,” Kadic said.

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