17 million BAM to be invested in the Residential-Business Complex Ilidza Towers?

October 18, 2017 10:00 AM

Two towers of the future residential-business complex “Ilidza Towers” started showing their contours along the Zeljeznica River in the settlement of Ilidza, Sarajevo. It is located near the hotel Ilidza and the park, and the building will have its own park with benches and other interesting contents for children.

El-Sagir company from Sarajevo, which is the investor of a 17 million BAM worth project, has already invested 10 million BAM. As they noted, the AB constructions and masonry works have already been completed on these buildings.

Ilidza Towers are built on a total of 4.150 square meters. Both towers will have 12 floors, as well as underground garages with a total of 99 parking spaces, and there is an outdoor parking as well. The project envisages 80 apartments with the surface between 55 square meters and 131 square meters, while the total area of business premises will be 1,688 square meters.

The construction of the “Ilidza Towers” started in July 2016, and the main contractor is Butmir Company from Sarajevo.

“Currently, hydraulic and electro installation works are taking place, as well as the installation of windows, while windows on the apartments on the second tower are installed.”

The El-Sagir company is planning to build a pedestrian bridge over Zeljeznica River, in order for the tenants to have better communication with the settlement Pejton, where the primary school is located.

“This is particularly important because children will not be crossing the main road on their way to school. Moreover, it is planned to build a promenade on the opposite bank of the river near the central mosque in Ilidza, and the pedestrian bridge will further facilitate the access to this promenade as well,” as announced by this company.

(Source: biznisinfo.ba)


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