NATO is raising 500,000 Euros for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Fight against COVID 19

NATO is raising 500,000 euros for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s fight against COVID 19, the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina said in a press release. Representatives of the Mission of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Headquarters in Brussels, headed by BiH Ambassador to NATO Mitar Kujundzic, are holding intensive meetings with relevant NATO representatives on the BiH Reform Program and the Planning and Audit Process (PARP)

At a recent meeting in Brussels, attended by NATO Assistant Secretary General for Operations John Manza, Director of Defense Institutions and Capacity Building Marc Di Paolo and NATO Desk Officer Rohan on behalf of NATO Headquarters.

The operationalization of these funds for BiH is expected soon. Also, the representatives of the Mission of BiH to NATO were informed that the definition of modalities for the trust fund that NATO is establishing for issues in the field of small arms and light weapons (SALW) is in the final phase.

The NATO Assistant Secretary General showed interest in the achievements in BiH defense reform and plans to modernize the BiH Armed Forces.

Manza especially praised the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of BiH for the successful process of building integrity in the armed forces, as well as the participation of the BiH AF in the peace support mission “Resolute Support” in Afghanistan.

Regarding the new “one partner-one plan” approach, Manza emphasized that there would be no change in that, as before, BiH-NATO relations would be based on the BiH Reform Program as an umbrella strategic-political document that will be directly linked to PARP and the programs that derive directly from it.

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