Natural Thermal Springs, the stunning Pine covered Hills, and lovely Villages worth Visiting in Srebrenica


”Srebrenica is a small town of 7,000 in Bosnia that is known for all the wrong reasons. The food, weather and landscape is really what it should be famous for. I didn’t include the people in that triad because they’re in a league of their own. Before I went I had already met plenty of people who live here, and I felt so welcomed. I get the impression that even if I hadn’t have known anyone prior to my visit I would have still got a similar reception and have met plenty of amazing people,” Rory Newbery stated for Sarajevo Times.

There’s a reason they were voted 8th on the World’s Friendliest Nation! Their parties may have played an important role in that ranking!

Before the war, Srebrenica also had a big spa and the town prospered from tourism. Nowadays, Srebrenica has some tourism, lot less developed then before the war. Currently, a motel and a hostel are operating in the town.

Several years ago, the memorial cemetery was opened in Srebrenica. The memorial centre is a beautiful and touching place. Despite its tragic past, the beautiful dense forests that line the hillside or the plethora of bears and wolves that roam the wilderness to the southeast of town are certainly a site to see.

Go to Srebrenica. There are nice places to see in and around Srebrenica. The natural thermal springs, the stunning pine covered hills, and lovely villages that dot the countryside.

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