27,749 Persons infected with Coronavirus have been confirmed in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A total of 27,749 people infected with coronavirus have been confirmed in Bosnia and Herzegovina so far.

A total of 243,411 people were tested, 20,947 recovered, and 861 people died. The number of active cases is 5,941, stated the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH in the review of the epidemiological situation in BiH for October 1.

In the Federation of BiH, 18,029 cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed since the beginning of the pandemic, and 159,205 people have been tested. 14,292 people recovered and 529 died. There are 3,208 active cases.

So far, the Republic of Srpska has 9,406 confirmed cases of infection, out of a total of 80,166 people tested. In that BiH entity, 6,373 recovered and 311 people died and 2,722 cases are active.

In the Brcko District of BiH, 314 cases of infection were confirmed out of 4,040 tested persons, 282 people recovered, while 21 people died. There are 11 active cases of coronavirus infection.

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