Two Migrants killed and 18 Injured in a Fight, Police says

Two people were killed last night in a conflict between migrants in the Bihac settlement of Zegar, is confirmed to Fena news agency from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Una-Sana Canton.

”Last night at 10.15 pm, the Bihac Police Station received a telephone report from a citizen from Zegar who reported that there was a mass conflict between a larger group of migrants on Zegarsko Polje, a location between Zegar in the direction of Pljesevica Mountain, and that there were injured persons,” spokesman of  Una Sana Canton Ministry of Interior, Ale Siljdedic stated.

Several police patrols were sent to the scene, which confirmed the allegations in the report.

”It was determined that two people were killed, 10 people were seriously injured and eight lightly. These are citizens of Pakistan, and all injuries were inflicted with cold weapons, knives, as well as blunt objects, wooden sticks. According to their statements, they were attacked by another group of migrants from Afghanistan,” said Siljdedic. The prosecutor was informed about everything and stated that it was a criminal offense of murder. An investigation is underway, as is the search for the perpetrators.

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