26,316 Cases of Coronavirus Infection have been confirmed in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, 26,316 cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed since the beginning of the pandemic, and 231,002 people have been tested.

A total of 802 patients died, 19,142 recovered, while the number of active cases was 6,372, the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs stated in the press release.

In Republika Srpska, 8,976 cases were confirmed, and 76,717 were tested. 294 people died, 5,948 recovered, while the number of active cases is 2,734.

In the Federation of BiH, coronavirus infection was confirmed in 17,033 persons out of 150,524 tested. There were 487 deaths, 12,915 recovered, and 3,631 active cases.

In the Brcko District, the presence of coronavirus was confirmed in 307 people, 3,761 were tested, and 21 patients died.

A total of 279 patients recovered and there are seven active cases.

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