Leading Global Organizations against Construction of Small Hydropower Plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina

September 23, 2020 2:15 PM


Leading global organizations for the preservation of the natural environment support the Coalition for the Protection of Rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and have sent an urgent call to the Government of Federation of BiH to permanently ban the construction of small hydropower plants and protect “Europe’s last free rivers”, Radio Sarajevo reports.

They demand that the conclusion of the Federal  Parliament, adopted on June 23 this year, on a complete ban on the construction of small hydropower plants (SHPPs) in FBiH be urgently implemented, either by amending existing laws or passing new ones that will prevent further uncontrolled construction.

They warned that otherwise, they would continue to endanger thousands of kilometers of wild rivers, the quality of life of local communities, the right to access drinking water, the country’s tourist potential, as well as nature and wildlife that depend on healthy watercourses.

Famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio supported on his official Facebook profile the fight against the construction of small hydropower plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and on that occasion published a video:

Keep Bosnia and Herzegovina's Rivers Wild

Let Bosnia and Herzegovina’s wild rivers run free! More than 430 small hydropower plants in the country have either recently been built, are under construction, or are planned—destroying some of Europe’s most intact and biodiverse rivers and the forests around them, and diverting and polluting water. By defending these rivers and the surrounding forests, local communities are defending their families and their homes, in addition to protecting critical nature-based solutions to the climate crisis to the benefit of all life on Earth.Unless the government turns into law a recent resolution to ban small hydropower projects on the country’s rivers, thousands of kilometers of Bosnia and Herzegovina's wild rivers—and the people and wildlife that depend on them—will again be at grave risk. The deadline to implement the resolution, which was in direct response to tremendous local grassroots resistance, is Sept. 23. An international coalition of conservation organizations, including Global Wildlife Conservation, has joined the call by the community activists to fully and permanently ban the devastating construction of small hydropower plants and for the government instead to invest in ecotourism, and solar and wind power. #BiHRunsFree #jaBiHdatecem #SaveTheBlueHeartofEurope #ExtinctionEndsHere

Posted by Global Wildlife Conservation on Utorak, 22. Septembar 2020.


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