One Person arrested in BiH for Money Laundering and Creating Malicious Programs

Police officers from the High-Tech Crime Department of the Criminal Police Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republika Srpska, together with partner law enforcement agencies from Great Britain, realized an international action aimed at people who make and import computer viruses, news portal reports.

After several months of investigation in which the persons who created malicious programs and distributed them through specialized platforms on the Internet were identified, with the consent of the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Doboj, and by order of the Basic Court in Doboj, a person of R. P. initials from Stanari was arrested.

He is suspected of committing the criminal offense of making and importing computer viruses and the criminal offense of money laundering.

A search of residential and other premises used by R.P. in Stanari found and confiscated several pieces of various mobile phones, computers, tablets, several portable memories, SIM cards of various telecom operators from Europe and the world, payment slips and records that can be linked with the criminal offenses in question, as well as money in the amount of about 37,000 BAM in various denominations of convertible marks and euros.

The bank account with about 46,000 BAM in it was also blocked. The investigation established that the suspect, together with people from Eastern Europe, introduced computer viruses to victims from Great Britain, the USA and other countries of Western Europe and the world, with the purpose of creating a network of infected computers (“Botnet”) networks of infected computers carried out attacks (DDoS, Ransomware) in order to gain illegal property gain.


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