Federal Minister for Tourism issues Environmental Permit for Construction of Bihac Airport

The Federal Minister of Environment and Tourism, Edita Dapo, presented the environmental permit to the Acting Director of the Public Company ”Bihac Airport” Adnan Bajric, for the construction of this international airport.

Bajric thanked Minister Dapo, emphasizing that the environmental permit will contribute to the further realization of the project for the construction of this airport.

He emphasized that Bihac Airport is one of the key strategic projects that need to be realized in terms of future development of this part of our country and air connection with Europe and the world.

Minister Dapo emphasized the importance of building an airport in Bihac for Krajina and the entire country. She stressed that the Ministry, headed by her, in addition to the airport, intensively helps and cooperates with another very important and promising public company in Krajina, Una National Park, which, along with the airport, can be a driver of stronger development of this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bihać Airport in north-western Bosnia and Herzegovina is expected to be opened for commercial use in 2023, with work on the 300 metre section of the planned 2.2 kilometre runway under way.

“Construction is going according to schedule. We want to show everyone that Bihać Airport is a credible project”, the General Manager of Bihać Airport, Elvedin Sedić, said. The 300-metre section of the runway, which will be used for testing purposes, is valued at 1.1 million euros. The Federal Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina allocated 1.8 million euros for Bihać Airport earlier this year.

In addition to the development of the test runway. the airport will use part of the federal funding to finance the expropriation of land needed for the project. According to Mr Sedić, some 260.000 square metres of land has been expropriated over the past two years. Furthermore, an access road to the future airport complex has been built, while a perimeter fence has also been erected. “The Federation government is interested in this project and could take it over completely. The financing should come partly from commercial banks and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. We expect the airport to be completed in four years”, Mr Sedić said. However, the General Manager warned the airport is still seeking funds to finance the project.

The entire Bihać Airport project involves the construction of a terminal building, runway and control tower. It is estimated to be worth some 25 million euros.

“I think it is realistic to expect support for this project because it is extremely important for our canton”, the General Manager noted, Ex-Yu Aviation News reports.

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