Custody for Nine Members of Army of Republika Srpska for Suspicion of War Crimes near Sokolac

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has ordered the detention to nine members of the former Army of the Republika Srpska (VRS) from Sokolac on suspicion of having committed a war crime during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The court ordered the detention of Milan Tupajic, Dragomir Obradovic, Momcilo Pajic, Aleksa Gordic, Miladin Gasevic, Momir Kezunovic, Branislav Kezunovic, Zeljko Gasevic and Jadranko Suka.

“According to this decision, custody may last for a maximum of one month, counting from the day of deprivation of liberty of the suspects, ie until October 16, 2020 or until a new decision of the Court,” is stated from the Court of BiH, Klix.ba news portal reports.

They are suspected of the criminal offense of Crimes against Humanity and are charged, that in September 1992, as part of a widespread and systematic attack on the Bosniak civilian population, planned, organized and participated in the killing of 44 Bosniak civilians from the village of Novoseoci in the Sokolac municipality as well as persecution of civilians.

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