Three Migrants rescued from Drowning in Drina River


Three migrants who tried to cross the Drina River in the area of Zvornik, remained trapped in the middle of the river, but were saved from drowning by the intervention of firefighters and the Border Police.

The Zvornik police station was informed this morning at around 7 o’clock that three migrants were in the middle of the river and holding on to the stone, stated the spokesman of the Zvornik Police Administration Miljan Bobar.

Migrants tried to cross from the direction of Serbia to Republika Srpska across the Drina River.

The Professional Fire Brigade, the Border Police Unit and the Emergency Service of the Zvornik Health Center were notified, and they immediately arrived on the scene.

The migrants were rescued, transported to the coast by boat and transported by ambulance to the Emergency Service of the Zvornik Health Center, where they were provided with the necessary medical assistance.

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