Company from Bosnia and Herzegovina produced a Space Disinfection Robot

The appearance of the COVID-19 virus has significantly impacted major global changes in both lifestyle and business environment in the broadest sense. Although “Webo Bosnia” is a company in the automotive industry, the crisis in the industry and the lack of work in the field of tool construction that produces parts for automatic transmissions, as well as the overall situation with Covid-19, gave rise to a new business idea.

In cooperation with the parent company “Webo Amtzell” in the company “Webo Bosnia”, which is based in Derventa, they came up with the idea to create a robot with UV-C rays intended for disinfection of space, Biznis Info reports.

The company points out that it has been scientifically proven that UV-C rays destroy 99 percent of microorganisms (viruses and bacteria).

Research has shown that UV-C rays disrupt the structure of Covid-19 genetic material and prevent virus particles from replicating. The advantage of this method of disinfection is that it reduces surface contamination by 99 percent and does not leave behind substances harmful to human health.

Project manager Katarina Ilic told Posavske Novosti that the robot they developed consists of a mobile platform and a system with UV-C lamps that are turned on and disinfected through a mobile application.

“Webo Bosnia” is building a mobile platform, and “Webo Amtzell” is in charge of the lamp system. The primary purpose of the mobile platform is not only for space disinfection, but can be developed for other applications: for transport robots, automated info systems in banks, markets and for other similar purposes. Our team of young engineers has successfully mastered this challenge and made in just 2 months already the second prototype of the mobile platform that enables room mapping on the basis of which the robot moves autonomously. Along with the robot, complete software for mapping, control and autonomous movement has been developed, as well as a mobile application for remote control,” says Ilic.

He adds that the young team and the company face many challenges for the preparation of serial production, which is planned for the beginning of December.

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