Aljosa Campara resigned from the SDA Party: I can’t keep quiet any longer


“I hereby inform you that I am submitting my irrevocable resignation as a member of the Presidency of the Party of Democratic Action,” Aljoša Čampara, the current Minister of the Interior of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a member of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly, said in an open letter to the public today.

According to Campara, the Party of Democratic Action, which he joined and in which he worked for years, has not been what it has been for some time, because there has been a deviation from the proclaimed congressional goals, a clear decline in value criteria in personnel policy and tacit acceptance of deviant phenomena, processes and behaviors of individual representatives in the executive and legislative branches.

“We are witnessing the ignoring attitude of the SDA central bodies towards internal party election results, which are contrary to the Statute and election rules, as well as processes that do not lead to general progress and which significantly violate the integrity and authority of the SDA.”

These are facts that not only I am aware of, but, rest assured, many other members of the Presidency, the Main Board, as well as the membership and sympathizers. I resign, in addition to the above, due to the fact that within the SDA for some time now there is an atrophied process according to which eligibility and poltronism extend over the profession, personal dignity, freedom of opinion and speech, with the inevitable satanization of those who speak openly and present relevant arguments as evidence of evident irregularities.

“I tried to correct deviations within the party from the position of a member of the SDA Presidency.”

The culmination of everything happened at the end of February this year, when the biggest political-corrupt affair occured, named after its main actor “Asim”, and which was characterized as such by the shocked public, and not me, did not get its final epilogue even after six months, which is why I am deeply disappointed, but also additionally convinced in a decision like this. Even more devastating is the fact that the actors in this affair, contrary to reason and law, were rewarded with certain appointments and positions, and those who, as an expression of social and party responsibility, reported the affair in an effort to locate and remove the malignant part of the party, presented as dissidents and opponents of internal party interests “, stated Campara .

Therefore, he added, we should all ask ourselves whether the SDA can be a leader, and whether citizens will accept it in such a role, in the fight against crime and corruption at the level of systemic institutions, “if we are not ready to resolve within the party political-corrupt affair ”.

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