Adrenaline “Wake Park” opened near Banja Luka

Only 30 kilometers from Banja Luka, Lake Manjaca completed its content with adrenaline water skiing – “Wake Park”. The unique feeling of sliding on the surface of the water with the help of a cable car is unique in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The length of the Wake Park line is 282 m, which makes it the longest line of this type in Europe. A completely safe and unique feeling of skiing on the lake is performed with all the prescribed safety measures as well as with trained instructors.

Everyone between the ages of 14 and 101 can ski on the water, given that the park is provided with lifeguards and trained operators for Wakeboarding, Nezavisne reports.

Also, all equipment, such as helmets, boards, suits and belts are being ready on the spot. The maximum speed of the system is 32 km / h on water.

Before the start, there is a short training, safety board, board management and signaling. The working hours of Wake Park are on weekends from 10 am to 7 pm and on workdays from 4 pm to 7 pm.

This is an ideal place for a weekend or an unforgettable party after work, because the season is not over yet as long as “Wake Park” breaks the waves.

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