Residents of Sarajevo worried about frequent Helicopter Flights during the Day and Night

Helicopter flights over Hrasnica near Sarajevo and other surrounding places have become more frequent last days. Helicopters also fly at night, and some residents are worried about that. Answering to this question, the Agency for the Provision of Air Navigation Services of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHANSA) confirmed to Klix.ba that the flights were frequent during the EUFOR exercise “Quick Response”.

One of the flights that caused concern among some citizens was on the night of September 7.

“For the date and time period you mentioned, we can confirm that the flight took place and that it was a helicopter in the EUFOR mission. Butmir base with wide surroundings. The activity ended at 22:30 “, they pointed out from BHANSA.

They also referred to the altitude of the mentioned flight – according to the residents, the helicopter flew low.

“As for the altitude of the flight, the helicopter flew in the assigned zone and in the mode of night visual conditions where the crew itself maintains the appropriate distance from the ground and obstacles,” they said.

Residents of this part of Sarajevo Canton emphasized that flights of other aircraft, such as small planes, were also frequent in this area.

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