Relocation of Migrants from Bira Camp in Progress, Accommodation for 200 Minors is required

The closing of the Bira Camp, announced for the last two years, finally started on Tuesday. The biggest problem is about 200 minors for whom it is not yet known where they will be accommodated.

That is exactly what will be discussed at today’s meeting of the competent services. Members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Una-Sana Canton (USC) yesterday started the realization of the conclusions of the Operational Group for the Management of the Migrant Crisis, which concerns the closure of the Bira camp.

During yesterday, 106 migrants were transferred from this camp to the Lipa camp. On that occasion, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) also announced that there is no place for new migrants in Lipa, because all capacities are full.

There are currently about 400 migrants in Bira, and more than half are minors, and their fate should be known after today’s meeting, which will be held in Sarajevo.

If the location where the minors will be relocated is agreed, it is realistic to expect that the camp will be closed in the next few days.

Members of the USC police will take all migrants who are not accommodated and who are in abandoned buildings, streets and parks to the inter-entity line with Republika Srpska, near Bosanska Otoka, although the Municipal Council of Bosanska Krupa met yesterday and decided to ban the entrance of migrants to this municipality.

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