Water from Stup Spring is not contaminated with Radioactive Material

“Vodovod i kanalizacija” (Water Supply and Sewerage) took a sample of water from the Stup spring and submitted it for analysis to the Radiation Protection Center at the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Public Health Institute after information was published that radioactive material had leaked at a distance of nearly 360 meters from the well.

“Based on the results of radioactivity measurements at the site where the cesium-137 leak occurred, and taking into account that the half-life of cesium-137 is about 30 years, it can be concluded that contamination neither now nor at the time of the incident more than a year ago days was not of such intensity that it could endanger the quality of drinking water at the Stup spring,” it is stated in the letter sent from ViK.

The director of ViK, Enver Hadžiahmetović, pointed out that these were preliminary results, and that they would receive official results tomorrow.

“The existing sample that is being treated is in good condition and everything indicates that there is no pollution and that there is no presence, not only of this radioactive material, but also of all others. Wells in that part use water from the depths, from their part, and they have no connection with surface waters, and if that cesium happens to come to the surface, there is no possibility of it coming into the water supply system,” said Hadžiahmetovic, Avaz news portal reports.

Last year, there was a leak of cesium-137, a radioactive substance, in the area of Energoinvest in the settlement of Stup. However, the public found out about this case recently.

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