Recognition of Kosovo to be discussed at the Next Session of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zeljko Komsic, requested that an extraordinary session be held today, at which the recognition of Kosovo would be discussed. Komsic’s move followed an announcement by his colleague Milorad Dodik that he would request a session regarding the relocation of the embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Vijesti.ba news portal writes.

“If we really care about American support, why wouldn’t we do the same,” Milorad Dodik asaid, adding: “It’s a good opportunity because Palmer is coming on Wednesday, so I’ll tell him I think it’s very important for BiH to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. That would mean both Americans and Israelis, and if the US president insists, then where?” you will get a better and more direct thing to it “.

“Dodik would like to be against NATO, to oppose the joint fight of BiH and the USA against terrorism, to reject American observers in the elections, so there is no man in Bosnia and Herzegovina who is more against American interests. In this way, he wants to he conceals his conflict with the American administration, and there is no story about such populist proposals, “Komsic said earlier.

The Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sefik Dzaferovic, stated that Dodik’s proposal would not be a topic at the session at all.

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