Ten New Cases of Coronavirus in Canton Sarajevo

According to the Public Health Institute, 10 new cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Sarajevo Canton. Of this number, six, or 60 percent, belong to family clusters or are contacts of previously ill, and are in self-isolation from before.

As they emphasize from the Institute, from the last reporting until Monday morning, the results for 127 tested persons arrived, whose samples were collected in the period from September 3 to 6, 2020.

At the same time, 18 people recovered, so the number of active cases of coronavirus infection was reduced to 337.

A total of 21 people were hospitalized in the Isolation of the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo, most of them are vitally stable, while one patient is on mechanical support during breathing. Fortunately, there were no deaths, leaving a total of 72 deaths from coronavirus infection.

To date, 4,096 infected persons have been confirmed in Sarajevo Canton, of which 3,687 have recovered from COVID infection. In the period from August 24 to September 7 this year, 750 self-isolations were ordered by inspection decisions, following the recommendations of epidemiologists or based on the decision of the Ministry of Health of Canton Sarajevo.

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