Irregularities: 25 Dead People registered for the Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina already

Today, the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina will organize a draw of political entities to determine the order on the ballot.

The draw will be public, and due to the epidemiological situation, it will be broadcast live on the website of this institution.

The deadline for submitting applications from voters outside BiH expired at midnight on September 1st.

The Central Election Commission also received the last voter applications for voting outside BiH. There are irregularities, says the president of the Commission, Zeljko Bakalar, but how many will be known after the completion of checks and additional controls, after which a decision will be made on the conclusion of the Central Voters’ List for voting outside BiH.

“Applications that are rejected and those that have certain specifics to further check whether they are valid and whether there are irregularities. We have already noticed certain irregularities – we have 25 applications for voting outside Bosnia and Herzegovina from persons we have determined to have died. We have already sent part of the material to the Prosecutor’s Office, “Bakalar points out, reports “Dnevni Avaz“.

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