Over Eight Thousand New Cases of Coronavirus recorded in Bosnia and Herzegovina in August

So far, 20,234 cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 620 people have lost their lives because of coronavirus.

Out of the total number of infected, there are 7,464 in Republika Srpska, 12,484 in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 286 in the Brcko District, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

Out of a total of 620 deaths, 251 died in the RS, 351 in the FBiH and 18 in Brcko. Comparative data from July 31 at 1 pm, to September 1 at 12 pm, show that in that period, 8,358 new positive cases of coronavirus were registered in BiH, while 281 people died.

During August, 2,622 people became infected in the RS, 5,633 in the FBiH and 103 in Brcko. At the same time, 82 people lost their lives in the RS, 192 in the FBiH and seven in the Brcko District.

A total of 6,179 cases of coronavirus are currently active in Bosnia and Herzegovina, of which 2,810 in the RS, 3,335 in the FBiH and 34 in Brcko. So far, 13,435 people have been cured of the coronavirus in our country.

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