SIPA arrests Two Persons for Selling Narcotic Drugs


On the order of a prosecutor from the Special Department for Organised Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption, SIPA police officers carried out searches at three locations in the Sarajevo area, deprived two persons of liberty and seized the hard narcotic drug cocaine in the amount of several hundred grams.

During the operation, it became known that the suspects were part of an organised criminal group dealing in smuggling and selling large quantities of hard narcotic drugs on the illegal drug market for some time, which reach extremely large amounts of money in street sales.

The case prosecutor coordinated the work of police officers in the field throughout the operation.

Two persons deprived of liberty were Nezir Bajraktari, born in 1966, and Mersija Džidić, born in 1977.

During the day, the suspects will be handed over to the case prosecutor who will interview them and make a decision on further activities in the case.


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