Three Victims of Serbian Nationality identified in Sanski Most

Based on the order of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzgovina and the District Public Prosecutor’s Office of Banja Luka, three victims of the past war were identified in Banja Luka on Thursday.

These are victims of Serbian nationality for whom a DNA finding about their identity has arrived, and that identity has been confirmed by members of their families. These victims disappeared in the area of Sanski Most, Majevica and Bosanski Petrovac, Klix.ba news portal reports.

Today, Bosko (Mile) Mekterovic was identified, who was born in 1929 in Drvar, and disappeared in 1995 in the area of Sanski Most. Today, the family also confirmed the identity of Dragoljub (Dordo) Zivanović, who was born in 1964 in CardaCine near Bijeljina, and disappeared in 1992 in the area of Majevica.

Family members also confirmed the identity of Anica (Stojan) Mirkovic, who was born in 1913. She disappeared in 1995 in Bosanski Petrovac. In this case, it is a matter of correcting misidentification by the classical method, ie the recognition method.

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