Directors of Largest Shopping Centres in BiH to give Preference to Domestic Products on their Shelves

The directors of the largest shopping centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina expressed their readiness to give preference to domestic products on their shelves.

After the meeting, which was organized today in Sarajevo, in the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, in addition to Minister Stasa Kosarac and the directors of shopping centers, representatives of the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH were also present, Biznis Info reports.

Stasa Kosarac, Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, told reporters after the meeting that he believes that domestic products are not adequately represented on the shelves of shopping centers in BiH, and that it is very important to communicate with representatives of shopping centers in order to ultimately adopt certain regulations.

He said that he was happy with the commitment of market chains in BiH to support domestic producers.

“European practice shows that different rules exist in different EU countries. The intention of producers in BiH is such that over 50 percent of products in shopping malls offer products from BiH. In a way, the European Commission is slowing it down, but we have different practices in Belgium, Hungary and some other countries. And in order to pass adequate regulations, we need to develop communication. That is why I called the shopping centers, and after talking to processors and primary producers,” says Kosarac.

He points out that it is important today, when there are surpluses, to enable meat processors to buy meat, ie cattle from our primary producers, and for those final goods to be found in shopping malls.

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