Bosnia’s Prosecutor’s Office filed an Appeal for Revoking Prohibitive Measures to Actors of “Respirators” Case

August 12, 2020 8:00 AM


The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina filed an appeal with the Criminal Chamber of the Court of BiH against the decision of the Preliminary Proceedings Judge of that Court revoking the prohibitive measures against the suspects Fadil Novalić, Fahrudin Solak and Fikret Hodžić in the “Respirators” case, which were imposed ex officio by the Court of BiH, and not at a motion of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH filed an appeal against the said decision because the Court of BiH completely failed to determine whether the prohibitive measures fulfilled the purpose for which they were imposed, since the Court of BiH previously determined the existence of circumstances on the part of the suspects indicating that they could obstruct the criminal proceeding through contacts with witnesses, and then ex officio imposed prohibitive measures to eliminate these circumstances.

The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH is of the opinion that the Court of BiH can make a law-based decision on the need to further apply prohibitive measures against the suspects only after determining the results of measures that were in force, which will determine the need for their continued existence, termination, tightening or replacement with other measures prescribed by law, and after establishing a system of control over the application of the prohibitive measures.

On August 7th, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina lifted the prohibition measures for the suspects in the “Respirators” case, ie for the Prime Minister of Federation of BiH Fadil Novalic, the suspended director of Federal Administration for Civil Protection Fahrudin Solak and the director of “FH Srebrena Malina” Fikret Hodzic.

This information for was confirmed by lawyer Vasvija Vidovic, who represents Prime Minister Novalic.

“The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH did not ask for an extension of the prohibition measures, so the Court of BiH revoked them,” Vidovic said. In the midst of the affair, the state prosecutor’s office failed to convince the Court of BiH that there was enough evidence to order custody for the suspects, which was a clear indication of the future of the trial.

The company “Srebrena Malina”, owned by TV presenter Fikret Hodzic, one of the actors in the “Respirators” affair, submitted a new request to the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to be allowed to unblock 265,131 BAM so that they could pay VAT for 20 imported respirators from China to BiH, Avaz news portal reports.

These respirators arrived in Sarajevo two weeks ago, but VAT has never been paid or the customs procedure has been completed. The reason is that the Court of BiH, according to the order of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, suspended the execution of financial transactions for this company in the amount of more than one million marks on two accounts in Privredna Banka.

Hodzic is suspected, along with Fadil Novalic and Fahrudin Solak, of conspiracy to commit a crime, abuse of office, receive a reward for trading in influence, money laundering and forgery of documents. It is an affair worth 10.5 million BAM, which refers to the purchase of 100 respirators from China to BiH, whose actors are defending themselves after their arrest.

On the other hand, the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH is busy working on the investigation. A financial investigation and verification of all cash flows of Novalic, Solak and Hodzic was ordered after the outbreak of this affair.As for Hodzic, the Court blocked his accounts with exactly 1,096,520 marks.

But through the realization of the work, as the evidence and documents of the Prosecution show, Hodzic kept the paid money of 10.5 million BAM for respirators on his account, and then disposed of it in business operations.

Thus, it was determined that from April 3 to May 8, he paid due obligations in the amount of 9,424,036 BAM of which 7.6 million BAM was paid to the account of the company from Shanghai on April 16, while the Court then blocked 1,096,520 BAM.

However, in terms of payment of obligations, the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH claims that Hodžić raised large amounts of treasury maximums, one of which is 100,000 BAM.

This amount was allegedly spent on payments for previously received liabilities from other legal transactions.

More precisely, Hodzic took this money, which is intended for the use of the purchase of agricultural products Avaz learns that during the search of the company SIPA, they found a certain amount of money near Hodžić, which was not exempted because that is what the Prosecutor’s Office decided.

Earlier, a month ago, Hodzic paid 1,078,000 BAM of VAT for imported 80 respirators. Recently, the Court approved the payment of 452,473 BAM for VAT based on the debt for April, which this company paid to the account of the Indirect Taxation Authority.


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