Federal Minister for Veterans Affairs Salko Bukvarevic passed away

Federal Minister for Veterans Affairs Salko Bukvarevic passed away on Wednesday morning at the Podhrastovi lung disease clinic of the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo, Avaz news portal reports.

Bukvarevic was hospitalized about ten days ago after he tested positive for coronavirus and his health deteriorated on Monday, and was reflected in shortness of breath.

He had oxygen support in the previous days, but that was not enough due to the strong inflammation of both lungs.

That’s why he was attached to a respirator yesterday morning.

A positive test for coronavirus was confirmed to Bukvarevic on July 22nd.

Bukvarevic was born in 1967 in Kalesija. He finished primary school (1982) and the Technical College of Civil Engineering and Geodesy (1986) in Tuzla. In 1996 he obtained an undergraduate degree at the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Civil Engineering in Tuzla, a master’s degree in 2004, and finally a doctorate in 2011.

He was elected associate professor at this faculty. Since 2015, he has held the position of Minister for Veterans’ Affairs in the Federal Government. He has won numerous recognitions and letters of thanks during the war and peace.

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