Unusual Phenomenon in Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Bear walked along the old Road towards Vlasic

After waking up from hibernation, the bears decided to walk near the highways, which is very unusual knowing that they don’t really like meeting people.

A video of a bear walking was taken on Thursday on the old road leading to the Vlasic mountain, Klix.ba news portal reports.

The bear went for a walk but seeing the car quickly headed back into the woods.

Eyewitnesses say that the residents of Ovčarevo and Paklarevo often see them. Namely, these animals are increasingly descending to urban areas in search of food. Thus, a bear recently walked into the yard of the Catholic school center “Petar Barbaric” in Travnik.

Generally, bears are not social animals. Adults avoid other bears as well as humans throughout their lives. However, this behavior of bears can carry a certain risk for both bears and drivers who find themselves on the road, therefore drivers should be more careful when driving.

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