Two Hospitals in Sarajevo open Urgent Centres for better Treatment of Patients


In order to improve the conditions for providing continuous health care for the residents of Sarajevo Canton, the Cantonal Ministry of Health has started the legal harmonization of the organization of work of health institutions of primary, secondary and tertiary level of health care in Sarajevo Canton, news portal reports.

The goal is to establish a referral system, in accordance with the Federal Law on Health Care.

On April 15, 2020, the Ministry of Health of Canton Sarajevo formed a Working Group to draft a document that will harmonize the organization of the work of health institutions of all three levels of health care in CS.

Representatives of the Ministry of Health, the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo, the General Hospital “Prim. Dr. Abdulah Nakas”, the Health Center of the Sarajevo Canton and the Institute of Public Health of the Sarajevo Canton participated in this group.

The document was harmonized and submitted to the Ministry on May 14, 2020, and submitted to the mentioned health institutions on May 18, 2020, with a deadline of 60 days for harmonization.

Pursuant to the legal provisions and this document, the new work regime is that the admission of diseases/conditions for the secondary level is performed in the Emergency Unit of the General Hospital “Prim. Dr. Abdulah Nakaš”, every day from 0-24 hours.


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