One Bosnian charged with Illegal Transport of Migrants


A prosecutor of the Special Department for Organised Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption has filed an indictment against Hamid Hasanagić, born in 1993 in Cazin, citizen of BiH.

The accused is charged with enabling the illegal transport and stay of 3 migrants by transporting them through the territory of BiH.

According to the indictment, on 8 March 2019 the accused accepted the offer to transport three smuggled persons originating from the territory of Eritrea to the area of Bihać for the agreed amount of money, for the purpose of their illegal departure to the territory of the Netherlands and Great Britain.

The mentioned migrants previously entered BiH illegally, had certificates of expressed intention to apply for asylum, and moved outside the permitted direction determined by the competent Service for Foreigners Affairs of BiH, and the accused transported them by a rented vehicle from Sarajevo to Bihać, that is, towards the border with the Republic of Croatia.

In the commission of the criminal offence, the accused was discovered in the settlement of Velečevo, Ključ municipality, through control of police officers from the Ključ Police Station, who spotted smuggled persons, one of whom was in the boot of the vehicle, and who seized EUR 610 from the accused.

The accused is charged with the criminal offence of Smuggling of Persons under Article 189 (2) of the Criminal Code of BiH.

The indictment was forwarded to the Court of BiH for confirmation.


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