Paid Tribute to raped Women, ‘welcomed’ by Mural of War Criminal Draza Mihailovic


Flowers were laid on Friday at the former Partizan sports hall in Foca, which was turned into a camp in 1992 in which women and girls from this city were abused, raped and held captive, and a message was sent to remember women raped in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina so that this evil would not happen again.

Members of the Association “Women in Black” from Serbia joined the Association of Victims of War Foca 92-95 in this act, but also a peaceful walk through Foca, thus marking March 19th, the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in War, Klix.ba news portal reports.

Flowers in front of the Partizan hall were also laid by the Vice President of Federation of BiH Melika Mahmutbegovic, and those present left white roses in front of Partizan as a sign of support for the victims of abuse in this place. Carrying banners, the participants of the peaceful walk drew attention to the importance of combating sexual abuse anywhere in the world.

However, this year, a few meters from the Partizan hall, they were greeted by a mural of a war criminal from the Second World War, Draza Mihailović. In the neighborhood named after Duke Stepo Stepanovic, not far from the Partizan hall, about 20 murals of various people were drawn, reminiscent of the ideology that led the criminals in both wars.

They were allegedly drawn by young men from the local movement in Foca. Stasa Zajevic, the president of the Association “Women in Black” from Serbia, was among the first to condemn the drawing of the mural of war criminal Draza Mihailovic.


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