Request submitted for Construction of Four mini-hydropower Plants on Sujica River


The M.H.E. Ltd. Tomislavgrad sent a request to the Ministry of Economy of Hercegbosna County (HBZ) for a concession for the construction of four mini-hydropower plants on the river Sujica in the municipality of Tomislavgrad, according to Fena news agency.

After analyzing the request, the Ministry of Economy of HBZ determined the justification and validity of the same from several aspects, ie economic-developmental, social and environmental, and according to the Law on Concessions of HBZ, the consent of the Municipal Council of Tomislavgrad was requested.

The Tomislavgrad Municipal Council will decide on granting the concession at its regular session on June 16.

The concession for the construction of four mini hydropower plants has been requested for a minimum period of 30 years, and the investor plans to build submersible turbines with one module output of 22 kW, turbine speed of 30 rpm, which achieves a total power of 88 kW for 4 pieces.

The expected production volume, depending on the hydrological year, is 539,616 kWH per year.

The investor states that the construction of a mini hydropower plant on the river Sujica will have a negligible impact on the environment, and the Ministry proposes that the amount of the concession fee is 1.0 percent of the produced electricity at current prices.


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