Total Seasonally Adjusted Industrial Turnover recorded Decrease in Bosnia and Herzegovina

June 5, 2020 8:00 AM


The total seasonally adjusted industrial turnover in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in April 2020, as compared to March 2020, decreased by 9.1%. If compared by markets, then, in the same period, it decreased by 8.0% on the domestic market, and decreased by 10.0% on the non- domestic market, according to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Agency for Statistics.

In April 2020, as compared to April 2019, the total industrial turnover in the Bosnia and Herzegovina, working-day adjusted, decreased by 29.5%. If compared by markets, then, in the same period, it decreased by 25.6% on the domestic market and decreased by 32.7% on the non-domestic market.

A decrease in turnover was recorded in trade in food products (food, beverages and tobacco products) in the amount of 23%, while in trade in non-food products there was a decrease in turnover in the amount of 21.2%, according to Bosnian Statistics Agency.

Observed in constant prices, the total seasonally adjusted retail trade turnover in BiH in April this year decreased by 24.5% compared to March 2020.

A decrease in turnover was recorded in trade in food products in the amount of 23.6%, and in trade in non-food products in the amount of 24.8%.

The total retail trade turnover index in BiH in April recorded a nominal decline of 9.7% while the real decline was 11.9% compared to the base (2015) year.

Prices of products and services used for personal consumption in Bosnia and Herzegovina, measured by the consumer price index, in April compared to the previous month this year, decreased by an average of 1.6 percent.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages were on average 0.7 percent more expensive, alcoholic beverages and tobacco 0.1 percent more expensive, health 0.2 percent more expensive, restaurants and hotels 0.1 percent more expensive, and other goods and services 0.4 percent more expensive, according to the data from the Bosnian Agency for Statistics.

Compared to March, in April, clothing and footwear fell in price by 0.3 percent on average, housing and overhead expenses by 4.7 percent, furniture and household appliances by 0.2 percent, and transportation by 8.8 percent.

On an annual basis, in April this year compared to April last year, an average decline in price levels of 1.2 percent was recorded.

The Agency for Statistics of BiH states that due to the measures introduced to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the collection of data needed to calculate this index was difficult due to the temporary closure of a large number of outlets.


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