Chairman of Bosnian Council of Ministers accepts Radoncic’s Resignation

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zoran Tegeltija, has officially accepted the resignation of Fahrudin Radoncic to the position of the Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to Avaz news portal.

On June 2nd, Radoncic resigned from the position of Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This information was confirmed by Radoncic himself, who said that there were three reasons why he decided on such a decision and that he was waiting for the end of the pandemic and the appointment of his deputy.

“The first reason is the different understanding of the migrant crisis, on the one hand by me as Minister of Security, and on the other by Bosnian Presidency Member Sefik Dzaferovic and Bosnian Foreign Minister Bisera Turkovic, who sided with the Pakistani ambassador and who do not understand and identify the migrant security problem,” , said Radoncic.

As another reason, he points out his personal assessment that the relations between the SDA, SNSD and HDZ are such that they will not create a good environment for work in the Council of Ministers of BiH for a long time.

“That is why I really see no reason to sit in the Council of Ministers as the only leader of a political party,” said the president of the Alliance for a Better Future (SBB). As the third reason, he pointed out the “Respirators” affair, that is, what has been happening in recent days.

“I supported prosecutors, the police and the independent judiciary to sanction the affair and brutal robbery, and the SDA interpreted it as a blow to Bosniaks and the Bosniak political factor. Obviously, we experience things differently about systemic corruption. I do not prejudge who is guilty, I am for an independent judiciary, but we cannot share political views in a way that makes a harangue on the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, to declare it anti-Bosniak activity, and we know that all prosecutors in this case are Bosniaks, “Radoncic explained.

Member of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik believes that the resignation of Bosnian Security Minister Fahrudin Radoncic is a confrontation within the Bosniak political elite.

“Radoncic himself said that this is a problem of migrants where there is an SDA party plan. We could hear about that at the session of the BiH Presidency a month ago and it was clear that something was not working there,” Dodik explained.

Now again, he added, the Council of Ministers is not complete.

“That position certainly belongs to Bosniaks, but it is necessary, of course, to pass all the checks and procedures for the new candidate. As for Radoncic, I think that he showed more engagement after the disastrous consequences at that position in the previous mandate,” Dodik told reporters in Mrakovica.

Dodik added that they will try to find someone similar in that regard and that he believes it is possible.

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