Deputy Federal Prime Minister Jelka Milicevic questioned at the Prosecutors Office regarding Respirators Affair


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance in the Federal Government Jelka Milićevic was questioned in the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina 10 days ago within the case “Respirators”, it was confirmed for Klix.ba from sources close to the investigation.

Although there has been speculation about this information for days, it has been confirmed that Milicevic presented all her information to the state prosecutors regarding the controversial procurement of 100 Chinese respirators that the Federal Civil Protection Administration bought for 10.5 million BAM through the company “FH Srebrena Malina”.

Milicevic also performs the function of the commander of the Federal Civil Protection Headquarters, and she once signed the original distribution of respirators, which was put out of force after the affair was discovered.

In addition to Milicevic from the Federal government, prosecutors also questioned Fadil Novalic, who was arrested last night, as well as his chief of staff Hasan Ganibegovic and secretary Edita Kalajdzic.


(Photo: Privredna Stampa)

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