16.9 Percent of Residents of Mostar had voted until 11 am

( Željko Milićević – Anadolu Agency )

By 11 am, 16,280 voters, or 16.97%, had voted at regular polling stations in Mostar, the BiH Central Election Commission stated.

Local elections in 2020 for the City Council of the City of Mostar are being held today, Polling stations are open from 7 am to 7 pm. 100,864 citizens of Mostar have the right to vote.

These are the first local elections in the City on the Neretva River after 12 years, and 370 candidates from 31 political entities (22 political parties, 5 coalitions and 4 independent candidates) are fighting for a seat in the City Council. Voting takes place at 150 regular polling stations, 16 absentee polling stations, at one polling station for voting on unconfirmed ballots, and 20 regular mobile teams and 19 Covid teams have been formed for persons infected with the corona and those in isolation.

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