133-year-old Train Traffic abolished in Tuzla


Tuzla, on the railway map, was the last station to which trains from all parts of the former Yugoslavia arrived.  The last passenger line to Doboj does not exist recently, and the plateau on which trains were once greeted and escorted was settled by migrants who put tents there.

Missing workers Railways of Republika Srpska, whose compositions were operating on the route Tuzla – Petrovo – Tuzla, point out that the line was canceled on December 15th last year due to lack of passengers.

As it was explained, the train on the route Tuzla – Petrovo and further to Doboj in 2019 had an average of 12 passengers who paid one way ticket for 6,90 BA, while the return ticket amounted to 11,10 BAM.

The Tuzla directorate of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Railway points out that the line for Brcko was discontinued in 2012 due to unprofitability, and, otherwise, the railroad never generated enormous revenue from passenger traffic.

“Nobody lost his job because of the cancellation of the Tuzla passenger line. We, in fact, lack workers, but due to the monitoring of the Federal Government, we cannot hire anyone. We have a problem because of the departure of trained personnel abroad,” was stated to Oslobodenje in Tuzla Directorate.

An informal group of citizens gathered and stated that the abolition of the 133-year-old train traffic has been interrupted by the abolition of rail passenger traffic.

However, freight trains pass through Tuzla or Tuzla Canton, and Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina Railways collects up to 80 percent of its total revenues at the expense of freight transport.

The first train arrived in Tuzla on April 26th, 1886, and the last one departed on December 13, 2019.  It is not known what will happen to the railways and the Tuzla train station.


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