155 Thousand Tickets sold for Kravice Waterfalls only in August

At the Kravica waterfall, where a large number of pilgrim guests from Medjugorje are arriving, among them Italians and Poles some 155 thousand tickets have been sold from the beginning of August this year.

“In the service of clear positioning and branding of the tourist attraction ‘Kravica waterfall’, Parks invests in marketing activities at local, regional and international level. In addition, in order to improve the tourist offer, continuous monitoring of the structure of guests and their needs is carried out,” was stated from this organization to Federal News Agency.

They also point out that the number of guests from the Adriatic is slightly lower than the previous seasons.

“This year’s results follow the expected dynamics of the visit, which amounts to 155,000 tickets sold, as of the first day of August. As far as the structure of guests is concerned, we are seeing an increase in the number of pilgrim guests from Medjugorje so far, compared to a slightly lower number of Adriatic tourists,” was added.

Among the services there are tour guides, the panoramic train ride, as well as the tasting of traditional dishes and wines.

One of the attractions at Kravica is local products created in local workshops, with environmental protection being the primary goal.

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