Dilberovic: BiH’s Integration Process in the EU has never been stalled


Director of the Directorate for European Integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Edin Dilberovic, told Fena news agency that political parties’ agreement on the formation of government at the state and federal level would cut off discussions on BiH and European integration, as well as talk about potential candidate status.

He believes that BiH’s EU integration process has never been stalled, whether or not a BiH Council of Ministers has been formed, as all political parties have long ago made it very clear that this is their priority.

Commenting on the agreement of BiH’s Presidency to appoint Zoran Tegeltija as country’s Council of Ministers’ chairman and sending the Reform Program to NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Ambassador Johann Sattler congratulated “on finding solutions to move the country forward” .

He then declared that “a compromise is a force” and that the rapid formation of the Government and Parliament will allow the continuation of important reforms, but will also unlock many EU-funded projects currently “stuck” in Parliament.


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